Sound Gallery CIC

Recording studios, Rehearsal Studios, Voiceovers, Music Production, Music Technology Courses, Work Experience, Music Industry Events, Youth Projects, Music Enrichment Programmes, Live Music Showcases

Our Vision – To nurture and develop musicians and musical projects in Exeter and the surrounding areas. Our Mission – Sound Gallery is dedicated to the development of original creative works produced by talented musicians and to the provision of music-making and training opportunities, especially for young people aged 12-25 years who are at risk of social exclusion. Our Theory of Change – We provide music-making and training opportunities in a professional environment for young people who live in challenging circumstances, which build up their confidence and improve their life skills. This increases their employability and opportunities to reach their full potential in life. Our Social Objectives – Sound Gallery’s principal objective is to carry on activities which benefit the community and in particular, to enable music-making, music education, training and volunteering opportunities for young people aged 12-25 who are socially or financially disadvantaged and lacking in creative opportunities.

Music Industry

Company structure
CIC, Community interest company, social enterprise limited by guarantee

Essence member since

How does being a member of Essence benefit your organisation?
Better representation as a social enterprise in government agencies and the business sector. Raise our profile in the city and opportunities to network and liaise with likeminded people and organisations.

What does your organisation have to offer to other Essence members?
20 years experience in the music industry, success stories and insights in the needs of young people and musicians in Exeter and the surrounding areas.




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