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People and planet are at the heart of all our objectives, they are: *To engage with people positively through fun, entertaining and positive content that empowers people to feel good about themselves and the world around them; *To explore themes that promote growth, understanding, hope and compassion, helping us be fairer to ourselves, the planet and others; *To support community, literacy and wellbeing through fairer access to children’s picture books; *To explore, understand and share the benefits of a lifelong love of reading.

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How does being a member of Essence benefit your organisation?
I work alone so it would be great to meet like minded people and share some positivity!

What does your organisation have to offer to other Essence members?
I have spent the last 3 years of my own time developing a business that addresses a social problem and am passionate about helping others achieve their positive goals too. I am happy to share knowledge and advice – and would be more than happy to share the wellbeing and happiness science information.




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Author: Valentina