14 04 21


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm



Future-Proof Fashion Initiatives, From The Grassroots Up

Heart-warming examples of local entrepreneurship in Exeter that benefit the community and environment.

This month’s edition is about FASHION. We will be featuring various socially enterprising Exeter area initiatives that are re-imagining the fashion industry and clothes making and use from the grassroots up.

Join us if you are interested in tackling the ecological and social issues of the dominant fashion industry: high amount of textile wastes, high carbon emissions (due to both manufacturing processes and travel mileage), poor makers’ conditions and wages, etc. whilst creating jobs and tighter communities!

7-8pm: introducing the topic, pitches initiatives that are/will be re-imagining care within our communities, Q&A (this part will be recorded).

8-8.30pm: time to network with other participants


Padouk Fielding, Mend Assembly, on a blueprint for a vibrant, sustainable clothing hub that reconnects people with their wardrobes, using local expertise while providing learning opportunities and growing the local economy.

Paul White, E-Culture Solutions & ESSENCE, on the power of the VCSE sector.

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