Awarebrands Ltd

Awarebrand Ltd is a new start-up product development company based at Kaleider Studios in Exeter. We believe in the power of conscious design and play to transform lives. CircleTales The Adventure Storytelling Game is our first product, due to be available in late Spring 2020, and is a collaborative table top storytelling game that offers a fun and meaningful story-making experience for adults and children ages 9+.

Awarebrands Ltd is a product development company committed to designing meaningful and design-based products that are environmentally conscious and engaging on a social and community level. CircleTales The Adventure Storytelling Game is our first product, created to inspire positive, face-to-face interactions across generations.

education, literacy, storytelling, creativity, social connection, collaborative game

Company structure
Private Limited Company

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How does being a member of Essence benefit your organisation?
We hope to contribute to a positive and growing awareness of social enterprise in Exeter and beyond. Our company is committed to a PPP ethos, people, planet, profit and we hope to meet like-minded visionaries who can help each other transition from a purely profit-driven motives to resolving the challenges we all face through innovation across sectors.

What does your organisation have to offer to other Essence members?
We are relatively new to Exeter (4 years here) and have relocated here from New York and have also lived in Mexico and Indonesia where we were involved with environmental initiatives in schools and communities, so our sense of what is possible is not limited by place. Herman has a 20+ year career in branding and advertising, and Annie has a background in Creative Arts education so we hope these perspectives will contribute to a growing community.